Zyto Compass for Young Living Essential Oils

Zyto compass the better way to choose your supplements

How Does Zyto Compass Biofeedback Work? This amazing technology is the Galvanic Skin Response, which has been utilized since the early 1900s. It is also used in lie detector tests, medical devices, and exercise equipment.

why guess when you can know and the compass show's you how

Your body is internally connected, constantly communicating between systems and cells. This communication is critical to basic life functions, like moving, growing, and healing, all taking place on a subconscious level.  The Zyto Compass:
• Uses 76 bio-energetic markers by scanning your hand, determine how many markers are out of range
• Chooses which Young Living products can restore your body to its optimal health
• Displays a full report consisting of a personalized health plan for you.

Zyto Compass is it right for my Young Living Business


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